About Speerise

Hi! My dear customer, I am Pheepy, founder of Speerise. We are an online shop focuses on the design of apparel which follows the Americans fashion tide. We are a small clothing business that has a professional, careful, and enthusiastic team to offer better service to our customers.


We spare no efforts to manufacture high quality unique leotards, women shorts, party costumes, swimsuits etc., with different style and vibrant colors and most affordable prices. With these leotards, you can mix and match as you like. Of course, we have also prepared children leotard for your lovely baby, you can match it into a mother-daughter outfit. This is undoubtedly the most eye-catching match, and the rate of return is very high.    


For every product, we focus on its design, quality, and material, striving to make it the best. They are very comfortable,made with spandex and nylon fabric.They are colorfast and made to last!


To learn more about Speerise, visit https://www.speerise.com/.




We believe that the beauty of fashion should be accessible to everyone. Since the late 18th century, when wavy skirts with straps were replaced by fitted clothes, such as leotards and unitards. For hundreds of years, the trend of fashion matching has been changing with each passing day. And leotards status has gradually risen, it can be matched in different ways and used in many places, becoming an indispensable part of women's clothing.


I first came into contact with ballet leotards when I was 16 years old. Ballet dance has taught me a lot, and one of the most important lessons I've learned is that persistence, patience, and hard work can bring profound results. But at the same time, I have also witnessed the financial burden of dance lessons and dance gear. The leotards on the market don't fit well and I can't show the dance moves very well.

With a love for the art of dance and a genuine passion for the grace of dance practitioners, I wanted to do something to help others experience this activity. I started working full time in designing and developing dance leotard costumes in 2015. In the following years, I have been researching the fabric and production technology of tights, looking for fabrics with 4-way stretch, excellent strength and durability, step by step from fabric to technology. After thorough research, I started the bodysuit boutique to make well-made, cute and affordable bodysuits. One of my greatest wishes is for girls in my leotards to get the same joy and positive benefits from dancing as I do. Pheepy jumped from dancer to professional dancer designer, and Speerise was born.




Leotards are used for inner wear and matching. They are also beautiful and extra points. A corset that suits you can not only show a woman's perfect figure, but also show a unique charm. Simple and artistic, it is set in different styles, there are XS to 3 series XL and even extra size to choose from, minimalist style, low-key yet distinctive, simple and chic, every step, from material selection to production. 


Of course, our range of bodysuits comes in a wide range of colors and works well for all kinds of cosplay! The process is all done, just to make tights that everyone likes more and more comfortable.


A new young designer brand who loves contemporary art. With its unique design concept of art, fashion, avant-garde and light luxury, it designs unique leotards suitable for young girls. In addition to quality, design persistence and absolute requirements, it also focuses on terms of practicality and popularity, it is important that it is value for money and that everyone can feel it.


We are proud to have you wear our leotards!💗