How To Pick The Right Size Leotard/Unitard

How To Pick The Right Size Leotard/Unitard

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When buying unitards and leotards, it can be a little tricky to order online. After all, you can’t try the garments on, so you want to ensure that you’re getting the right size.

Buying leotards online is a great option because you have such a wide selection of quality garments that, by comparison, very few brick-and-mortar stores are able to offer. At Speerise, we have a huge selection of carefully curated leotards designed for all shapes and sizes, so we’re confident you can find what you’re looking for.

If you’re wondering how to find the right size when buying leotards online, be sure to follow these tips for every style of garment. And if you still aren’t sure if it will be the right fit, you can rest assured with our 100% guarantee.

Check out these tips on choosing the right leotard:

FIT & COMFORT: Choosing the “right” fit is based on personal taste, combining function and beauty. A comfortable leotard finds a balance between being close-fitting but not too tight. You want your gymnast to feel safe and confident with her movements, not restricted because of the leotard.

BODY STYLE: We know not every gymnast or dancer has the same preference for body shape, so that’s why we offer a number of leotards.

FABRIC & WASHING: We offer leotards in super-soft 4-way stretch Lycra, shimmery foiled Mystique, and moisture-wicking Performance fabrics. Keep fabric type in mind when choosing size — metallic fabrics typically have less stretch and will have a tighter feel when worn. To keep your leotard in great shape, machine- or hand-wash separately and hang to dry or tumble on low.

SIZE: Review our sizing chart before ordering. Here you will find measurements for the sizing of the leotards and a quick guide on how to measure. Speerise leotards run fairly true to size, meaning 10/12 Child Large in national-brand girls’ clothing is equivalent to a Child Large in Speerise. Most often, a gymnast or a dancer will wear the same size in Speerise that  they wear in street clothes. For growing room, buy one size up.

Common fitting issues - CHEAT SHEET

Too big (width)

You see the nude mesh floating away from the body

Sleeves are loose

Leg openings are not tight, the briefs do not stay in place (because there is too much fabric).


You picked a size based on age (a size 8 garment for an 8-year-old who is as thin as a 4-year-old)

The child was not available for measurement or the mom sent you "estimates"...

You picked a size based on the bigger torso measurement only

You picked a size based on age or ready-to-wear size

Too long

Everything is too low armhole, waist, neckline, bodice (in sweetheart leotards) - beware of wardrobe malfunctions when using sheer fabric for upper bodice!)

Baggy briefs (ok at the hips, but baggy at the bottom)

Lots of pleats at center back


You picked the size based on width measurements only

The customers wants growing room

Growing room is ok to make sure the dress/leotard lasts until the end of the season. Making a dress that will fit like a glove from 6 to 8 years old is impossible.

You would not buy pants that are two sizes bigger and way too long for a child... why do it for a leotard/dress that you can make again in the fabric scraps once the first one is too small?

Too small

Can't put it on / Can't breath

Sleeves too tight


You picked a size based on a short torso measurement only

You picked a size based on age or ready-to-wear size

Your fabric did not have enough stretch in the width (different topic I will cover in another post)

Too short

Neckline pulling down


Leg opening stretched upwards (think 90's swimsuit leg) - this can also be caused by a few sizes too big at the hips (leotard not staying in place)


You picked a size based on small bust/waist/hips measurement only

You picked a size based on age or ready-to-wear size

Your fabric did not have enough stretch in the length



Size Guide

XS 19"-21" 16"-18" 21"-23" 35"-38"
S 21"-23" 18"-20" 23"-25" 38"-41"
M 23"-25" 20"-22" 25"-27" 41"-44"
L 25"-27" 22"-24" 27"-29" 44"-47"
XL 27"-29" 24"-26" 29"-31" 47"-50"
2XL 29"-31" 26"-28" 31"-33" 50"-52"
3XL 31"-33" 28"-30" 33"-35" 52"-54"
XS 48-53CM 40.5-45.5CM 53-58.5CM 89-96.5CM
S 53-58.5CM 45.5-51CM 58.5-63.5CM 96.5-104CM
M 58.5-63.5CM 51-56CM 63.5-68.5CM 104-112CM
L 63.5-68.5CM 56-61CM 68.5-73.5CM 112-119.5CM
XL 68.5-73.5CM 61-66CM 73.5-78.5CM 119.5-127CM
2XL 73.5-78.5CM 66-71CM 78.5-84CM 127-132CM
3XL 78.5-84CM 71-76CM 84-89CM 132-137CM


1. Bust

Measure the fullest part of your bust ensuring your back is straight.

2. Waist

Measure around the narrowest part of your torso.

3. Hips

Measure around the fullest part of your hip ensuring the tape is straight.

4. Girth

Measured in a circle around the shoulder and crotch.

If you have any sizing questions or want customization, please CONTACT US.

Size Guide