Tights, Over Or Under Leotards?

Tights, Over Or Under Leotards?

Wearing tights over or under a leotard is a question that many dancers and people have daily because although they used to be worn under the leotard, a few years ago, it has become popular to wear them over the leotard. Usually, in the dance studios, they used to teach to use the tights under leotards because they have a more classic and formal look, which gives more class to both the dancers and the studio.

Here are two examples with our leotards & tights:

1. 80s Style Leotard 0311 with shiny shaping pantyhose:

Speerise retro 80s style leotard with shiny shaping pantyhose

2. Metallic Shiny Thong Leotard 0341 with high waisted leggings 0413:

Speerise metallic shiny leotard 0341 with black leggings 0413 - 600x


Recently it has become popular to wear tights over a leotard, especially the black ones, because they help to make the legs look longer and the torso shorter, mainly because it makes your hips appear to be much larger. Besides, wearing them over also helps the leotard leg elastic not to get ruined quickly. In fact, the models of the famous Sansha's website wear them over their leotards. Today, few professional dancers do not wear black tights over their leotards, which seems to be a new style.

Another factor that influences people to wear tights over their leotards is that it protects their leotards from wear and tear and prevents them from getting worn out and the annoying holes that may appear. That way, they keep the leotard in better condition for longer. Besides, many people claim that it is much more comfortable to wear them over since it is better to feel the cotton on the leotard instead of the skin.

In the dancers' dress codes there are no restrictions regarding this issue, but it is common that for rehearsals or informal occasions, everyone is allowed to wear the tights as they feel most comfortable, either over or under. However, for events, presentations, or when you need to have a more elegant look, tights under a leotard are always the best choice. Without a doubt, this question about tights and leotards comes down to each person's taste, how they feel most comfortable and how they like their look the most.