What To Wear To Ballet Class? (For Men)

What To Wear To Ballet Class? (For Men)

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First of all, congratulations-you enrolled for your first ever ballet class! As someone new to the world of ballet, you are most probably full of questions and excited at the same time. The first question that guys will probably like to ask is what should they wear to their first ballet class? Do not worry, this article is all about answering this particular question.


Most of the ballet classes follow a classic and traditional structure. That means you can plan to take ballet everywhere in the world and do the same things, in the same order, each time. A ballet barre is a site where a ballet class usually begins and you will begin with exercises like fundamental movements that gradually progress to bigger, faster, and more challenging activities.


Guys generally wear traditional black leggings or tights along with a well-fitted white shirt or a tight completely covering the body, an undergarment known as a dance belt, and black ballet slippers.


Let us get into the details:


1. Ballet slippers


These are usually unisex but men typically wear black, brown, or tan.

Ballet slippers


2. Tights or leggings


The classic ballet attire requires tights but most studios do accept sweatpants, gym shorts, or leggings. Do not let the concept of tights scare or intimidate you, just wear what you are comfortable with.


Pro tip- Cotton materials and light colors can be a bit see-through so be aware. You can also consider using a small waistband or elastic belt to hold your tights in the correct position and to keep your shirt properly tucked in.


3. Shirts


The most worn top is a classic white shirt or a t-shirt. The reason to go with lighter colors is that teacher will be able to see your ballet techniques more clearly whereas, in darker colors, guys will look more slimming and it might show less sweat.


Tanks tops are also widely worn. You can wear any one of these according to your comfort. Your tank top or shirt must be neatly tucked in.


4. Dance belt


Every male ballet dancer is recommended to wear dance belts for extra support. These are especially required if you are wearing a tucked-in shirt with tights. This won’t make you uncomfortable at all and will keep you safe.


5. Unitards or leotards


Any guy can choose to wear a leotard with tights or a unitard. They are very comfortable as you do not need to constantly worry to tuck your shirt or top in. A Leotard or unitard take the shape of your body, in other words, they are very “form-fitting”.


6. Hand towel


Men, if you tend to sweat profusely, you might require to carry a hand towel so that you can hold it at the barre. Wipe your sweat away as your sweat might drip on the floor and make it slippery. You will also be doing a lot of stretches and other floor exercises thus, you might need to wipe the floor after lying or sitting down.


7. Socks


There will be some dress codes and dance studios that can suggest wearing athletic socks under the slippers. If you do not want to wear one, no issues, go barefoot if you are wearing sweat pants, cutoff tights, or footed tights within the shoes.




Now that you know what to wear to your first ballet class, get to your ballet class early and do some warmup before your teacher arrives. You will for sure turn out to be a great male ballerina.


Happy dancing!


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