4 Uses Of Leotards & Unitards

4 Uses Of Leotards & Unitards

Do you want to dance like nobody is watching? Do you afraid that when you are wearing the leotard that people are staring at you because of the poor quality? Do you worry about the fabric and material of the zentai? Do you want to shop the body suit that fit your husband and children so that your happy family can enjoy the leisure time together? If your answer is yes, then congratulation! You just find the treasure island.

The unitards/leotards have many different functions and they will meet your demand no matter you are adults, teenagers , younger children, men or women. Our unitards/leotards are designed for every use.   

Do you know the uses of the basic unitars/leotards? Below I will introduce the use of leotards/unitards from four aspects.

For Women

  1. Best for Yoga

If you are a woman, you can use it as the yoga exercise clothes. When we are doing yoga exercises, we usually dress lightly. This leotards/unitards just meets our needs. The Lycra fabric not only absorbs sweat but also breathes.

  1. Best for Dance/Gymnasts

Lycra®, invented in the late 1950s, was not commonly available for several decades, but by the 1970s, it was much easier to find. Rock stars, like Freddy Mercury and David Bowie, often wore unitards when performing. The garment also migrated to the dance world, where many dancers found them preferable to the leotard and tights ensemble. Both male and female gymnasts may wear one as well, and male and female ice skaters frequently use them for performance or practice.

  1. Best for Cosplay

The catsuit also predates the unitard and is a form-fitting, one-piece garment that gained popularity during the 1960s. These early garments were popular on television adventure and spy shows like The Avengers. Today, the catsuit is seen and worn by characters in a number of science fiction movies. Early catsuits could be made of either stretchy fabric or leather. The leather version is a very constricting outfit, and for women, often features a built-in corset. Michelle Pfeiffer has stated in the past that her decision not to play Catwoman again was largely based on having to fit into the very restrictive catsuit costuming.

  1. Popular Underwear

The leotards look great with a tutu and pointe shoes, but they’re just as perfect slipped under a pair of jeans or as a no-tuck solution with that fussy skirt. Whether you call it a bodysuit, maillot, one-piece, or have another beloved nickname for the top, let’s be real: It’s a leotard, first and foremost.

For Men

For men, our zental suit will perfectly fit your body and help you do exercise or running. The clothes are easy to carry and it is water resistance you don't need to worry about running in the rain.

For Children

For children, you can find the amazing cosplay clothes like spider man or super man. They are in good quality and you don't need to wash it hard. The clothes you will use it for a long time.

There are so many styles to choose from so it’s essential to find one that you feel comfortable in. 

Halter Leotard: The halter leotard is easy to put on and flatters most body shapes and types. There are no straps to worry about and they show off the back and shoulders. The halter leotard is a very popular style.

Tank LeotardThe sleeveless tank with the thick shoulder straps. They provide great coverage and more stability for bigger busted dancers.

Short SleevedCap sleeves that look like a t-shirt, they are popular amongst the younger dancers. However, the sleeves can be annoying!

Long Sleeved: Perfect for the cold weather, but the sleeves can be bothersome. Long sleeved leotards give an impression of long, flowing arms. Perfect for showing off the arm positions.

One-Shoulder: Want to look unique? The one shoulder leotard has an artistic flare. They are popular amongst jazz, character, contemporary and ballroom dancers.

Mock-NeckThe mock neck, or turtle neck, is a tight fitting, high neckline. It gives the impression of a longer neckline. They can be a quick fix for a classy feel.

ZipperA zipper leotard has a functioning zip, often near the neckline at the front or down the back. They can make for quick changing or add an interesting feature to the leotard.

Embellished: Born to stand out? If you’re wanting to make an impression for an audition then an embellished leotard is a popular choice. With decorative details or sparkly rhinestones, they’re sure to be a show-stopper.

Camisole: A very popular style, the camisole leotard has classic and sophisticated ‘spaghetti-straps’. They create a flattering and delicate look.

At last, the unitard/leotard in early versions always featured long sleeves. Some sleeveless ones, with a tank top, are now popular and a little cooler to wear. Actually, the tank top version seems to be inspired by the wrestling singlet, a one-piece garment with a tank top that ends just above the knee.



Size Guide

XS 19"-21" 16"-18" 21"-23" 35"-38"
S 21"-23" 18"-20" 23"-25" 38"-41"
M 23"-25" 20"-22" 25"-27" 41"-44"
L 25"-27" 22"-24" 27"-29" 44"-47"
XL 27"-29" 24"-26" 29"-31" 47"-50"
2XL 29"-31" 26"-28" 31"-33" 50"-52"
3XL 31"-33" 28"-30" 33"-35" 52"-54"
XS 48-53CM 40.5-45.5CM 53-58.5CM 89-96.5CM
S 53-58.5CM 45.5-51CM 58.5-63.5CM 96.5-104CM
M 58.5-63.5CM 51-56CM 63.5-68.5CM 104-112CM
L 63.5-68.5CM 56-61CM 68.5-73.5CM 112-119.5CM
XL 68.5-73.5CM 61-66CM 73.5-78.5CM 119.5-127CM
2XL 73.5-78.5CM 66-71CM 78.5-84CM 127-132CM
3XL 78.5-84CM 71-76CM 84-89CM 132-137CM


1. Bust

Measure the fullest part of your bust ensuring your back is straight.

2. Waist

Measure around the narrowest part of your torso.

3. Hips

Measure around the fullest part of your hip ensuring the tape is straight.

4. Girth

Measured in a circle around the shoulder and crotch.

If you have any sizing questions or want customization, please CONTACT US.

Size Guide