If I Wear An Underwear In A Leotard, What Will Happen?

If I Wear An Underwear In A Leotard, What Will Happen?

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I get this question a lot from new dancers and parents of kids just starting ballet. Some people think it's immodest to wear a dance suit to go commando, while others think pants are necessary for proper hygiene. The simple and clear answer to this question is no, it is not appropriate to wear underwear under leo and leggings. In this article, I'll explain why.

Don't wear underwear!

Hiding underwear under a leotard can be difficult, and to avoid point penalties for inadvertently flashing underwear, many dancers compete without them.

That's not bad, because swimmers don't wear any underwear, and a leotard is very similar to a bathing suit in terms of cut and style . (Did you know that many synchronized swimming teams compete in catsuits because they are more "flashy" than existing swimsuits?)

If you don't feel comfortable wearing your underwear, there are some tips and tricks you can use to help keep your underwear from showing.

beware! : If you do plan on not wearing any underwear, keep in mind that some lycra fabrics are very thin and can see through, especially in bright game lights.

If your bodysuit is cut higher , it probably won't work because the sides of your panties will be showing. I'm also a little concerned that if both the bodysuit and panties are smooth or slippery fabrics, the bodysuit might slide or move and reveal your panties.

When dancers are in higher-level classes, they must follow a strict dress code that prohibits underwear from being worn under dance clothes. Younger students better get used to this early on. Additionally, visible underwear draws attention to the student's waist and hip area. It's actually much more modest for girls to just wear their dance outfits so that teachers, students, and others can focus on the dancers' smiling faces.