How Do I Choose A Unitard For Girl?

How Do I Choose A Unitard For Girl?

First of all, in terms of the effect of dance training:

  1. The standard unitard for girls is overall concise. On the one hand, it can prevent children from making small movements and affect their concentration; on the other hand, there are no extra accessories on the unitard to prevent accidental damage to the body and skin during training and activities.
  2. The materials and styles of standard unitards are selected and made according to the needs of dance training. Its softness and elasticity are suitable for the display of dance moves.
  3. Wearing a well-fitting training unitard will help teachers to understand the movements of the children at a glance, which is convenient for guidance and correction. For example, loose clothing to a certain extent conceals the true expression of the body.

Secondly, as far as the formation of habits in dance is concerned:

  1. Simple and self-cultivating training unitards can reflect the most real state of the body, which is conducive to seeing and maintaining the dancer's shape and posture, conveying beauty, and cultivating aesthetic habits to children.
  2. In dance training, uniform training unitards can reflect the beauty of uniform form, increase children's group awareness and sense of honor, benefit physical and mental health and cultivate more comprehensive quality.