Little girls in leotards, back this year?

They might be Catwoman with a whip in Batman, the Cat-Eye sisters in The Japanese night sky, or Trinity fighting with guns in the Matrix. Dua Lipa is the only person who can carry all the fashion trends in 2021.

What's different about the Leotard, which is back in 2022? Why does everyone from pop divas to superheroines love this dress?

Rihanna poses for the cover of Dazed's 30th-anniversary issue in a Custom-made Burberry Leotard by Riccardo Tisci.

Whether designers admit it or not -- for a long time in women's fashion, nudity often brought more attention than you could imagine and meant being scrutinized and judged more freely. The Leotard is a real exception.

It does not attempt to hide the wearer's physical curves but uses the softest fabrics to make mentally tough designs.

Sex appeal is just the added value of the Leotard, compared to its versatile matching potential and crisp tailoring that makes it easy to fly. Is it seductive? Of course. But it is also an indescribable and eternally effective deterrent.

Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2022

Saint Laurent's spring/Summer 2022 collection finally returns to Paris under the Eiffel Tower to make fashion fans swoon -- and this season, it should be called Yves Saint Laurent, its original name from its golden years.

This year's LVMH Prize, awarded to Albanian female designer Nensi Dojaka, also caused a stir.

Based on Leotard and see-through fabric, she used asymmetric deconstruction and traction techniques to create dresses, pants, and shirts.

Leotard designs today don't even have to be naked.

French designer Pierre-Louis Auvray, a pioneering new star, uses cyberpunk optical illusion patterns to give the Leotard a shiny "muscular beauty," which Kiko and Kylie Jenner have played as mysterious as alien creatures.

 Tights can no longer be "tight" and even transform into dresses that coexist peacefully with body relaxation in such a bizarre aesthetic universe. At the same time, seamless knitted edges and natural see-through fabrics retain the soul of Bodysuit.

Free and effortless sex appeal, sports style, sci-fi fantasy, heroism, even including the appeal of the torturer. The seemingly simple Leotard can carry numerous subtle changes of female identity and deliver completely different messages, which is the fascinating part of it.

《Oops... I did it again》MV

The materials and styles of Leotard come and go, but the essential spirit of Leotard is always the same: how sexy you are has nothing to do with the amount of skin you are wearing or how tight you are. Your sexiest moment is always when you feel natural, confident, and accessible.

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