How To Wash A Leotard?

How To Wash A Leotard?

A dance leotard is an undergarment of a particular design and cut that is worn by various athletes such as gymnasts, dancers, and figure skaters. The leotard is typically a one-piece garment with straps placed above and below the bust line that is used to attach a belt or piece of equipment. It has a side zipper for ease of dressing and undressing, but it also has press-studs.

A comfortable leotard can be used for many different purposes. It may offer decent warmth and modesty in cold weather or may allow freer movement for sports and dance performers for example. It could also be worn by ladies as an undergarment to avoid visible panty lines or discomfort from tight underwear, such as when wearing skirts with no briefs beneath them, or tight jeans.

How can you wash a leotard?

Leotards for ballet can be washed in the same way as any other piece of clothing. You can choose to wash your leotard through:

1. Spot-treating leotards with laundry detergent and warm water. Begin by saturating the fabric with water. Apply a bit of liquid laundry detergent and work it into the fabric by rubbing it in with your hands.

2. Washing by hand is a common cleaning method for leotards that are made from delicate fabrics or are a particular color. Some may require hand washing due to their construction or fabric type.

3. Washing it in the machine. Begin by placing your leotard in a washing machine filled with warm water. Add a mild detergent to the water and work into the fabric. A gentle cycle is recommended for delicate fabrics that can be harmed by the friction of a full cycle, or for fabrics made from materials such as cotton that may get damaged if put in an excessively hot machine environment.

After washing your leotard through any preferred means, you can hang it to dry flat or lay it flat on a towel, then put clothespins on the sites where there are any wrinkles.
If washing by hand, when you've finished simply let your leotard air dry flat. If you choose to use a machine for washing be sure to hang or lay your leotard out to dry once you take it from the machine.


Washing a leotard should be done with care, as leotards can be made from delicate hand-wash fabrics. However, the performance of a leotard is not affected by its being washed regularly. You can clean your leotard either by hand or through the washing machine. You should check the care label for specific instructions. If you're unable to put your hands on washing instructions, it's usually safe to follow a gentle cycle (particularly with stretchy fabrics) and wash in cold water unless you are advised otherwise.


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